Tuesday, November 4, 2014

C is for Cruella

Cruella's shoes hit the pavement loudly.

Almost there, she told herself.

She smiled as she came around the corner. Another run complete.

She quickly freshened up and made sure she was ready for her date with Raymond. 

"I've missed you," he smiled as she plopped down on the sofa next to him.

"My shoulders are sore from my run...will you rub them?"

"Of course," Raymond smiled rubbing his hands together to warm them. 

"Do you like me?" Creulla asked out of the blue.

"Of course," Raymond smiled. "I never expected you to...to like me."

"What do you mean?"

"Well...when I was a kid...you intimidated me," Raymond giggled softly. 

"I remember the first time we hung out," he continued, "you were wearing a bright red dress and all I wanted to do was impress you." 

"Yeah I remember," Cruella smiled, "my Grandpa served us Hawaiian pizza."

"I never had pineapple on pizza before," Raymond laughed. 

"Well you stuck around even with my crazy Grandma."

"She was just really into her book..." Raymond said comfortingly. 

"Though, your Dad shocked me," he admitted.

"How about my Mom?" Cruella asked.

"You mean your Mom and your Grandma."

"Yeah," Cruella sighed, "they had such a love/hate relationship."

"...but my Mom was heartbroken when it was Grandma's time to go." 

"Yeah, I remember," Raymond responded. "Your family couldn't keep me away from you Cruella....I'm..I'm in love with you."

Raymond ended up spending the night with Cruella. She slept peacefully until she was awaken by a scream from the dining room.

She rushed out and saw Raymond aflame. 

"Ahhhh!" He screamed.

"He got too close!" Bellatrix yelled storming in with a fire extingisher in hand.

She put out the blaze leaving a shaken and slightly charred Raymond.

"Whaaaat?" Creulla said shocked. What had she walked into?

"I'm okay..." Raymond said slowly.

Cruella wrapped her arms around her young love and kissed his neck. "Never scare me again."


Creulla's heart fluttered as she made her wish. Why was she even wishing? She already knew what was going to happen next...she had ensured it.

As expected, after the cake was sliced and handed out, Raymond led her by the hand outside where he asked her marry him.

Their engagement only lasted 3 days...Cruella was impatient to say her vows.

They had a semi-private wedding.

Her parents, of course, were in attendance. 

They promised themselves to one another. 

Romance was in the air.

And in the bedroom. Cruella and Raymond cosumated their marriage. 

Their honeymoon attempt resulted in a pregnancy.

Cruella worked on her artwork and her stomach grew.

It took longer than she had expected, but finally labor came.

Cruella welcomed a baby boy into the family.

Damien was an adorable little tyke...but Cruella knew she would not be done with her family until she had a daughter. 

She, again, impatiently waited until it was time.

This time she was blessed with the daughter she had been waiting for.


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