Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A is for Annie

Annie was pleased. There were no neighbors in sight. The plot of land was larger than she expected she would have been able to afford on such a meager payoff from the hospital. 

Although it was no lair, she was able to build a very small abode. It was only shed-sized, but it was definitely a start. 

Annie had always wanted to secretly become an author. She devoured romance novels and had always had a keen literary voice. She pulled out her phone and started searching openings.

After happily finding herself a job as a writer's assistant, Annie noticed a brooding figure approaching.

Instantly attracted to his mustache Annie decided to introduce herself. 

"Hello," she smiled warmly. 

The man rushed by her without so much as a glance.

Oh no, this rudeness would not be tolerated. "Excuse me!" Annie said loudly clearing her throat. 

"Can't you tell I'm busy!" he snapped back. 

"It's called MANNERS!" she responded matching his tone. 

"Bitch," he replied with a shake of his fist. 

Annie hunched her shoulders....that word.

She felt her face flush. Hold it...she told herself. 

She puckered her lips trying to bottle her rage. 

"Now I must be on my way!" He said exasterbated.

Annie balled up her fists, trying to keep herself contained. She was a lady, she could not let a foul-mouthed chauvinist get to her. 

She watched the man walk by, vowing to teach him a lesson at another time.

Still fresh with anger, Annie made her way to the local gym. After several rounds of chest presses, Annie finally felt herself begin to relax. 

She also started to met (well-mannered) local men.

Most importantly single men.

Annie was a completely different soul when she was trying to impress a potential suitor. 

She giggled at all the right times, and batted her eyelashes often. 

After wearing herself out at the gym, Annie took a taxi home and jumped around her home in glee. This was a good move after all.


It had now been a month, and Annie was finally feeling at home in her new town. The library was full of unexplored novels. 

Plus it gave her all the materials she needed to begin her writing career. 

Annie also had met most of the eligible bachelors around town.

Alas, no one in particular had caught her eye. At least no one was marriage material. 

With her regular pay checks her home began expanding slowly. 

Although she wasn't quite sure if he was up to marriage snuff, Annie decided to go on her first date.

He was lanky and awkward, but he was so polite and had such boyish good looks. 


Only 3 date later and Annie and Paul had their first kiss.

The kiss quickly turned into more, and Annie and Paul made love for the first time. 


It only took the once and Annie discovered she was pregnant. 

Over the next several months her stomach began to grow.

With her waist expanding faster than her wallet, she decided something had to be done before the baby came.

She asked/forced Paul to move in with her.

Paul was the complete opposite of Annie, and seemed to enjoy every moment of life. Even if he wasn't allowed out of the house except to work.

Annie slept peacefully knowing that her baby would be taken care of.

Although she definitely did not approve of Paul having friends over. Especially when they used her computer.

Her due date came quickly and Annie woke up in agonizing pain.

It was time. Paul rushed her off to the hospital.

Several hours of labor followed. It seemed like forever but Annie and the baby were finally released. They headed home immediately. 

Annie was overjoyed by her new baby girl. 



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